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What separates John Ritter from techno buffalo here we live in a very tech-centric world and they were deep gets thrown around like crazy now so I thought that I would give you guys the top 5 we that you know you’re a geek these are some that I came up with some ask you guys on Twitter some with the help me figure out to go ahead and jump right in his or no particular order but tell me.

Are you a geek? Here are 5 ways to know!

So I consider myself a geek through and through the picking the top 5 with the kind of tough so I took to Twitter with some ideas that I had some ideas you guys had some things I just saw a ton of people say the same thing of them go and jump in the talk about the top 5 ways that you know you are a geek no particular order coming in at number 5 this is one that I do all the time you know what some people are using just by glancing at the game I play around about waiting at the airport I’ll see people using the phone from the side lot trying name that phone I do it everywhere I go I don’t even need to do it just out of Alfie somebody you know on a phone at a coffee shop at all just try and guess what phone that is in general only 95 percent accurate down to the model even if it’s like iPhone 5 S.

iPhone 5 S. I can tell you the same thing with almost every device if you do that kids are your geek number for you know more about the product that people work in the stores this one happens to me all the time I walk into a carrier story team to your Verizon ask question about a phone that looks cool I don’t know but do you want to upgrade to our next plan you you have to know about the products that you’re selling I get it when I go to Best Buy or apple store J. hands are you know more about the product the people trying to sell them to you number 3 this is the one that I saw on Twitter almost every answer but he gave you a R. E. I. T. support for your friends and family like all your tablets not working call John it’s not working go John phone crashing go John just put your name in there chances are you are I. T. support for everybody because you love technical things you know how to fix everything I’m still convinced to this day my parents aren’t sure what I do for a living anytime something happens with like their internet my mom’s like but this is what you do for a living fix my internet. Number 2 in this one I’m guilty of it I tried to be a better person but it happens you judge people from just a little bit based on what phone you’re using the C.

Somebody out about using an iPhone 3 G. or 3 yes it’s like. Hello after an upgrade really that things still run you’ll see a galaxy S. 2 hands thanks touch with that struck the back fence I do it I try not to I can keep it to myself and a friend stop without having those thoughts but I do and it happens and makes me feel bad but still given asylum he and number 1 this is going more prevalent for me now you know the source material of all the convert movies though like ant man you see just like excuse me the cost of not the yellow jacket and works of a heart defect I was a big comic nerd publishing going to press you I read mostly comics that be turned into movies the ones.

I didn’t read that are out now I’d go back in and re-read I love Marvel limit I go through and read all that stuff I need to a little bit of certainly not your source material and I get it doesn’t always translate over but still you know and her to just a little bit inside 17 you get are you fire from 54545351 here what your number was any other ways you think you might be a geek it’s going to have the conversation guys thank you for watching for next time John ranger this leaves the right to injure with you guys and I thought but.

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